Good Light exhibition Interlight Moscow-2014

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Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building is the largest exhibition in Russia and CIS countries, showing the full range of topics on the decorative and technical lighting, electrical engineering and building automation systems.

Our company has once again presented its products at this major event. Classic range of enterprise as always replenished next novelties , such as lighting fixtures for industrial premises such as "High Bay" ("Bell"), LED lamps based on aluminum profiles, developed by engineers of our company to an embodiment of the IP-40 and IP-68...

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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition-2014, 9-12 june, 2014

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The international exhibition of illumination Guangzhou International Lighting is the largest in Asia event in the field of lighting technologies and the equipment. Leaders world and home producers have shown a wide spectrum of the lighting equipment, light-emitting diode technologies and decisions. Event has involved a considerable quantity of professional visitors, such as architects, designers of an interior, manufacturers, designers and engineers, building contractors and builders...

19 june 2014

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Tula Quality-2014

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On April, 23-25rd, 2014 Good Luck Company has presented the production at an exhibition «Tula quality-2014».

The company has taken part in a regional stage of the program of "100 Best goods of Russia» and is awarded ranks of the winner of the given nomination.

29 april 2014


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From April, 15 till April, 17th, 2014 in МВЦ «the Expo Crocus» in Moscow there has passed the International exhibition of light-emitting diode technologies, materials, chips and the equipment for their manufacture «LEDTechExpo». The largest world brands of light-emitting diode branch have taken part In an exhibition. Traditionally among them and our company.

Friends, we were glad to see you at our stand. The further business cooperation and joint successful projects!!!

23 april 2014 г.

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Interlight Moscow-2013

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For 18 years Interlight Moscow is the biggest event lighting industry in Russia and CIS countries.

In 2013, compared with 2012 the number of participants has increased by 15%, reaching 787 companies, as a result - is expanding, and exhibit space. In addition to the traditional exposition in 2013 exhibition took another exhibition hall (№ 8) Moscow Expocentre.

Company GoodLight, has traditionally participated in this grand event. About how it was you can find in this material...

12 november 2013.

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Guangzhou International Lighting 2013 is one of the largest exhibitions in its industry not only in China but also in the world.  Here one can see the widest range of different lighting devices from the producers of all over the world. We could not miss this event. Guangzhou International Lighting  is not only an exhibition, but also an innovation forum, and it means that here, visitors can see all  the latest inventions,  meet with ideas and developments from leading world manufacturers working in the field of lighting devices creation...

25 june 2013.

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From 2th to 4th of April, 2013, in Moscow was held the 16th International Salon of inventions and innovative technologies Archimedes-2013 where the second time our company took part. This time we demonstrated three options of adaptive anti - dazzling led headlights ready-to-use on cars, and our new development in the field of switched -mode power sources - damper without losses for pulse converters. All the exhibits (inventions, industrial samples, useful models, innovative projects) were highly estimated of the Expert Commission and International jury of the Salon...

15 аpril 2013.

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From 10th to 12th of April, the third time in the framework of the 16th International Forum for the electronics industry ExpoElectronica was held the international exhibition of led technology, chips, products, materials and equipment - «LEDTechExpo». Among the exhibitors are the largest manufacturers and distributors led market and equipment for their production, the world's leading brands. Under the brand of «Good Light» were presented novelties of led lamps for various applications series such as «GL-LINE, GL-VEKTOR», «GL-FOCUS, GL-DOMINO», «GL-STREET», «GL-PROM», «GL-PROGECTOR»...

15 april 2013.

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The company Good luck took part at the exhibition «Expopriority - 2012» in Moscow in Expocentre on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment.

Two patented developments of the company: power source with transformerless galvanic isolation for led lamps and anti-dazzling intellectual led  headlight were presented to the audience. Both products have caused a well-deserved interest ...

3 december 2012.

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From 6th to 9th of November, 2012, the company Good Light took part at the exhibition «INTERLIGHT MOSCOW» in Expocenter. An ultra-thin light panel, street lamps and lamps for housing and communal services presented as novelties ,will be sold in the first quarter of 2013.

At the same time the energy supply for led luminaires with inductive-capacitive isolation will be available on the market, that was the topic of the technical Director's report at the conference during the exhibition days....

15 november 2012.

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Новости компании

  • Выставка «Тульское качество - 2019»


    Тульское качество - 2019 С 24 по 25 апреля в Тульском кремле пройдет ежегодная выставка "Тульское качество"...

  • Приглашаем на «Воронеж BUILD 2019»


    Воронеж BUILD - 2019 28-29 марта в столице Черноземья пройдет VI Межрегиональный форум «Воронеж BUILD 2019»...

  • Раз-два-три, НДС, гори!


    Раз-два-три, НДС, гори! В январе успейте заказать светодиодную продукцию «Гуд Лайт» по ценам прошлого года...

  • С Новым 2019 годом!


    С Новым 2019 годом! Завод светотехники ГУД ЛАЙТ поздравляет всех с наступающим Новым годом! )))...

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