History of the holding «Good Luck»

Good Luck was established in March 2003 in Tula. It specializes in the design and production of electronic systems. Since its inception, Good Luck has been monitoring the latest and most advanced technologies, keeping abreast of the times in electronic engineering and staying involved with its development.

The principal tasks the company’s experts set before themselves are meeting customers’ demands at the highest possible level and manufacturing superior quality competitive products different from others.

The beginning of the new age in our country witnessed a global breakthrough in the sphere of gaming business which didn’t escape our attention. Very soon, Good Luck became one of the leading manufacturers of game machines in Russia.

The initial line of the company’s manufacturing activity was design, production and sale of children’s game units like “Kran Mashina” (the essence of the game is to snatch a prize in the form of a soft toy) and “Stolbik” type of game machines (the essence of the game is getting a winning combination of random figures).

The efforts of a team of professionals have gradually expanded the company’s product range. In the subsequent 3 years over 50 kinds of game machines were produced: Slot machine, Game roulettes, Romashka game pavilions.

Good Luck experts have developed exclusive (unique for Russia!) game machines: Kubik, Imperiya, Pinball, Magic Fruit, Volshebny dinosaur, Tsar-Pushka, Ostrov Sokrovishch, Blitz Lotereya, Desant, Shans, Syurpriz and many others

At the same time we launched production of software for popular slot machines.

Game machines from Good Luck have always featured superior assembly quality and stylish attractive design. All the company’s products are certified. Having reliable partners in Taiwan, Good Luck has been actively selling components for production and repair of game machines in Russia.

Our divisions have been opened in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kirov, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Murmansk and other cities of Russia. Also, subsidiaries appeared in Ukraine, namely, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, and Simferopol, as well as in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The company actively participated in annual gaming exhibitions in Moscow, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Photos. Video. Certificates.

Thanks to such a dynamic development of the company, the gaming business dedicated editions started featuring publications about Good Luck’s activities./

In 2007, as part of the RTS company’s project, our company participated in the development and introduction of Russia’s first TV raffles accepting bets from viewers via SMS.

In 2007-2009 the Good Luck company was a gaming operator in the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that this success could never be achieved without a close-knit team of professionals. Some 200 specialists have been working for the company in the production, quality control and, of course, design departments. In all sectors of Good Luck there always were skilled professionals and reliable people capable of handling any job. That is probably why the change of the production line at Good Luck passed practically without problems. So, as early as 2010 the company took up a new and very promising business of development and production of LED light systems. Today this is the main activity of the company. This year, the specialists of our company have also developed and patented the world’s only “smart” anti-dazzle headlight for motor vehicles.

Our products traditionally meet the highest standards and continue to bring joy to our customers by virtue of their excellent quality and reasonable price. Search for new and creative business solutions, continuous analysis of the situation and readiness for innovative thinking, invariable improvement and steady progress are the guiding principles of Good Luck.

Новости компании

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