Good Light – New approach to the lighting

For several years our country is steadily moving in the direction of new standards in the field of lighting and energy saving. In our dynamic and constantly evolving world, full of the latest technologies in all sphere of life, today it is very difficult to see incandescent bulbs at homes, offices, shops etc. Modern people more and more frequently look for up-to-date and effective ways to solve the problem of lighting. Good Light is a division of the company Good Luck, formed in 2003, to learn more click here.

Today we are engaged in solving problems of energy-saving goals set by the government of the Russian Federation - from reducing energy costs to minimize the harmful effects of lighting technologies on the environment.

The main activity of Good Light is manufacture and sale of advanced high-tech led products. Good Light opens new possibilities and offers to its customers the following undeniable advantages:

  • Wide choice of goods. Managers of our team constantly analyze the market and  pick out for the production and realization  the most interesting patterns of lighting products. All our products are in popular demand among our consumers.
  • Affordable prices. You can study the market for the prices for similar to ours products, and make sure that we offer the goods with the optimal «price-quality-service» ratio. And… we always can arrive at a price.
  • In stock. We used to work qualitatively and quickly, also happy to offer real goods from a warehouse, we do not trade virtual images on the Internet. Thus, most of the items from the catalogue are persistently available.
  • Individual approach and flexible discount system. Terms and conditions of delivery, price and partnerships are “live” fragments of the business which we are ready to discuss with every client.
  • Product quality. All the manufactured and led products which are going to put on the market are tested in operation at our own plants. And if the goods are reliable, we will put up them for sale. All products of Good Light are certificated and have been passed constant quality control.
  • Warranty. We ensure that the produces and all components used in the production are according to world analogues, and the professional manufacturing and quality control are constantly being improved.
  • Ecological compatibility. We do not hide, and, on the contrary, are proud of the fact that some components, the most technologically advanced, competitive and reliable, we produce in Taiwan and made them from organic materials, it is absolutely safe for Your health.
  • Saving of electric power. Using led lighting, You can save up to 90% of the electric power, and also realize the planned production capacity of the plant.  Making a simple arithmetic one can calculate the guaranteed payback on Your investment in led lighting.

Good Light is ready to offer its customers complete solutions in matters of lighting, make it qualitatively and offer a reasonable price. Thus, we create a firm basis for further mutually beneficial relations.

Новости компании

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    Тульское качество - 2019 С 24 по 25 апреля в Тульском кремле пройдет ежегодная выставка "Тульское качество"...

  • Приглашаем на «Воронеж BUILD 2019»


    Воронеж BUILD - 2019 28-29 марта в столице Черноземья пройдет VI Межрегиональный форум «Воронеж BUILD 2019»...

  • Раз-два-три, НДС, гори!


    Раз-два-три, НДС, гори! В январе успейте заказать светодиодную продукцию «Гуд Лайт» по ценам прошлого года...

  • С Новым 2019 годом!


    С Новым 2019 годом! Завод светотехники ГУД ЛАЙТ поздравляет всех с наступающим Новым годом! )))...

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